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Southern Alberta Local Pug Dog Breeder

Our breeding Pugs have had CERF, BAER, PDE & PK tested/marker test.

Just a note there is a minimum 5 month wait for a new pug puppy from Barnes Pugs. 

Most times the wait is much longer. We don’t produce puppies on a large scale like some people. We breed for quality – not quantity.  

Please check your local animal shelters and rescues for a pet. There are many deserving animals waiting for new forever homes.

Contacting us by phone is best 

All of our pugs are part of our family and are raised as a fully integrated part of the house, with the utmost love and attention in our family home not outside! We are not a kennel. Our pugs are not kenneled inside or outside, we do not believe that dogs/puppies should ever be raised outside. 

The handling and love of our pug babies begin the moment that they are born. 
Our pug babies start out their loves in our bedroom where we can keep a close eye and ear out for them. Once they are (4-6 weeks old) they then venture out to the living room. The pugs are introduced to the litter box when they are learning to walk. There are litter boxes placed throughout the house so that pug baby can easily find a spot to relive him/herself. As the pug puppies grow they are introduced to the rest of the house and outside (weather permitting)

Just as any other breed the pug comes with it's own health issues. Please do your research before contacting us about a pug. If anyone in the home has any sort of allergies or asthma than the Pug breed is probably not the breed for your family.

We want to place our pug babies in forever loving homes.
Please do not surrender your pug to the Humane Society, SPCA, Rescue Group or any other group or person.

It clearly states on our Health Guarantee that we will take our pugs back if you are unable to keep them.

We reserve the right to sell, or not, to anyone applying for a Pug from us.  Please understand no one will be considered without an application on file and a phone call to us.

Check back often for Pug updates
 We hope you enjoy your stay

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