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Deposit and Payments
A $500.00 Non-Refundable deposit is required to hold a Pug Puppy
Balance due on or before puppy is picked up 

Deposits are non-refundable should you change your mind

We reserve the right to first pick out of any litter.

First deposit gets first pick of the remaining litter;
Second deposit gets second pick and so on.

If required we can meet you in Calgary when Pug puppies are ready for their new homes for an additional $100.00

Please read before purchasing ANY breed of puppy
When looking for a new pet ask your breeder what health screening they have done with their adults. For example, CERF, BAER, & OFFA testing that can and should be done with breeding animals. These tests will tell the breeder where their faults are in their breeding males and females and if they should be breeding them or not. For more information Google any of these tests.

A good breeder will always be there to help you with any questions you may have about your dog/puppy long after you have taken your new pet home.

Ask your neighbors’, friends, vets, groomers, family members where they purchased their pet from. Ask them if they have had any health concerns or issues with their puggy.

Ask around about the breeder you are considering purchasing from.
Not all breeders will tell you the truth. If a breeder tells you they have had no concerns or issues with any of their animals, they have not been breeding long enough or are not telling you the truth.

Please don't rely on just the breeder’s references, if the breeder is not going to tell you about any health issues they have had you can guarantee they will not give you legit references.

All breeders have something in their lines; this is part of the reason why we do health testing and why life threatening genetic health guarantees are provided.

That being said i must add that it is important that puppy buyers to keep the breeder informed of any health issues that arise in their new pug baby. If the breeder is not notified of a health issue it is impossible for them to try and correct it or remove the line from their breeding program. If your pug passes away contact your breeder right away. Your breeder may request that a necropsy be performed on your pug. (I am one of them, I will pay for the necropsy if suspected that your Pug has passed away from a life-threatening genetic health issue). I can not express how extremely important it is to me to know the reason that your pug has passed away. (Which any breeder should want to know) If it is from PDE or a life threatening genetic health issue i can then remove the line from my breeding program) If you choose you can still have your pug cremated and brought home. The necropsy does not interfere with this. 

Unfortunately not every puppy born is going to be perfect. A good breeder will remove the male, female or both if necessary from their breeding program if a health issue arises.

A health guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on if the breeder will not stand behind their puppies. Be very cautious about whom and where you are buying from.